Clicking Noise on Garage Door’s Opener?


Many times homeowners are just unable to run the opener of their garage door and there’s a clear clicking sound coming out from it. There’s a clearly audible click suggesting relay; however, there is no light. Sometimes the garage door would just stop working after closing or opening a couple of feet and there will be clicking sounds. You may feel that something is there with its motor but actually, sound is coming out from circuit board. You make use of control console, but you cannot operate the garage door while clicking sound is the same.

If you find yourself experiencing such an issue, you should consider the following:
• Are the springs of your garage door broken down?
• Is there any obstacle disrupting the working of electronic eyes?
• Is the wire which connects control console to door intact?
• Are there any obstacles hanging on garage door?
• Is manual security release actually turned on?
• Is control board broken with smoke coming out from it?
• Is there rust onto the chain?
• Is something obstructing its gear?

The issue in the working of garage doors can be because of lots of reasons, but the issue of clicking sound particularly can be because of one among these reasons. It’s important to make sure that your door and opener is working efficiently, else it might stop working overall. Do not ignore even a small problem in the working of your garage doors even if the whole system is working properly. This means if your door is working; however, clicking sound has not ceased, it’s time to contact a good door repair company. You must ensure that everything is completely normal in the working of the garage door since even a minor issue like clicking sound might be a sign of a severe impending issue.

After checking all the symptoms, a few steps that you may take include:
• Ensure the light is properly working after replacing the bulbs of your unit. Use bulbs intended to work in higher vibration applications and observe whether or not they’re turning on.

• Replace batteries as well as check the programming and control connection, particularly the inputs on hard-wired panel or switch.

• Inspect all safety interlocks. Ensure that electronic eyes system is installed, aligned as well as connected correctly. Its lenses must be clear.

• Disconnect your door from drive mechanism by utilizing red handle on traveler shuttle. Now, observe whether chain drive works when you press your garage door button. In case your garage door does not move even after that, the issue is with your garage door.

You should ensure that the garage door is perfectly working if you wish to guarantee the security and safety of your family and property. If you’re unable to repair the problem yourself, don’t lose your time in calling garage door repair professionals for help because a small delay can cause a lot of expenditure on the repair work later.