What A Noisy Garage Door May be Trying to Tell?


No matter whether your house is a vintage model or brand new, occasionally you will hear the rare wind noise, or possibly light stamping of squirrel racing on the roof.

These noises are quite normal and, honestly, unavoidable. Just as the engineers have still to perfect soundproof car, house builders are working on soundproof house still.

But, there are some other noises which are not normal; instead, they are symptoms of hidden problems that will ultimately — and possibly sooner than later — result in costly repairs, and place your family’s security at danger. And topping the lists of not-so-silent and hidden dangers are creaky, squeaky, or just plain strange garage door noises.

The very first thing is that a few basic and standard garage door noises are not an issue. It’s particularly the case in case you’ve an automatic opener. Naturally, if the motor activates as well as the chains begin to do the heavy lifting, there will be several degree of noticeable — although not stirring or loud — noise.

But, the problem occurs when the noise becomes louder — either gradually or suddenly — or if any other noises begin to emerge. That is your garage door likely is “saying” that one, or many among the following are occurring:

Garage Door Springs Start To Wear Out.
The springs are a critical, major piece of the whole garage door system. A screeching or creaking sound means that they are getting forced to work more than they must. It can also mean that, ultimately, they will break or snap.
Garage Door Bearings Should Be Replaced.
The garage door rollers need bearings to assist them move safely and smoothly. However, while the bearings are usually built to last long, they are not permanent and ultimately they will wear out and have to be replaced.
Garage Door Requires Re-Balancing.
The garage doors are intended to be in best balance for two main reasons: the first one is that it places as less strain as probable on the overall door system, which prolongs their safe operation as well as overall life; the second one is that it avoids the garage doors from falling or rising when it isn’t supposed to. An imbalanced door is much more than a noise issue only: it is a big safety hazard.
Different Mechanisms Have Become Loose.
The garage door system consists of different parts that all need to work together for reliable, safe operation. If the garage door was not installed correctly, or if that has not been maintained regularly, then it is possible that hinges or screws may have become loose. It is also probable that chain pulling the garage door open and making sure that it properly and safely closes should be tightened or lubricated.

Getting Professional Help
If you are hearing strange noises from your garage door — although they are not loud or constant —give the garage door repair experts a call today. They will be there at your door on same day or next day to provide your garage doors the service it needs, and provide you with the peace of your mind that you deserve.